NV Scholarship Foundation

Click on the link below to access the NV Scholarship Foundation Application and deadline information.    Mail completed applications to Jackie Edge, 5569 Rock Rd., Sumas, WA  98295.  Please note that incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.


Contact Information
Nooksack Valley Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 4337
Nooksack, WA 98276

If scholarship recipients have any questions or concerns regarding their award,  
please contact Steve Jones, Treasurer,  at  nooksackjones@msn.com or 360-966-4802.

Scholarship recipients received the following letter during Senior Honors Night from the Nooksack Valley Scholarship Foundation Awards Committee:

Congratulations!  You have been selected for a scholarship from the Nooksack Valley Scholarship Foundation.

In late July, a check will be mailed to the institution in which you are enrolled, payable to your financial aid account.  If your college plans have changed or you have any questions, please contact Treasurer, Steve Jones, at 966-4802 or email:  nooksackjones@msn.com.

If needed, we will send a letter to the financial aid office at your post-secondary institution emphasizing our intention that the award be used to help reduce your financial need and not to replace other grant assistance.

We are pleased that you were selected as an award recipient.  Our hope is that you will have a successful academic career as you seek to fulfill your educational goals.  Someday you will have a chance to help ensure the continuation of this scholarship program by giving a donation that will allow future graduates the same opportunity to further their education goals.