Testing (SAT/PSAT/ACT)

College-bound students in grades 9-11 advised to take PSAT in October 
(Targeted Students . . . Current Students in Grades 10 and 11)

          Test Date:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019
          Time:  7:45 a.m.
          Location:  PAC
          Cost:  No Fee for Grade 11 this year!
          Registration:  Students must sign up in the high school counseling center by Friday, October 5
          or email lisa.mcreynolds@nv.k12.wa.us or kristina.eastman@nv.k12.wa.us

An effective way for sophomores and juniors to practice for the SAT is to take the PSAT (Preliminary or Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test). The PSAT is optional - - but recommended - - for four-year college-bound sophomores and juniors.

Each high school is allowed to administer the PSAT only once each year in mid October.

The PSAT is designed to predict what score a student likely will obtain when he/she takes the SAT. The PSAT also is used for juniors as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSQT). Juniors who score exceptionally high on the PSAT could qualify to earn one or more scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Prior to taking the PSAT, students must register in the counseling center.

Students who take the PSAT do not only receive a report of their scores, they also receive their test booklet back with an accounting of which questions they answered correctly and which they answered incorrectly. This information serves as a valuable guide as they focus their efforts to study strategically for the SAT.

More information about the PSAT is available at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about.html or you may contact one of the counselors listed below if you have any questions.

Lisa McReynolds, Counselor, (Students with last names beginning A - K)
360-988-2641, Ext. 3416

Kristina Eastman, Counselor, (Students with last names beginning L - Z)
360-988-2641, Ext. 3417

College Testing Information for the SAT / ACT
The school code for both tests is 480796.

Click here for general information and test dates for the SAT / ACT.

SAT Registration:  Register directly at http://www.collegeboard.com
              Test your knowledge!  Check out SAT Question of the Day!

ACT Registration:  Register directly at http://www.actstudent.org

Planning to Attend a 4-year University? 

If you are thinking of applying to a 4-year university, you will need to take either the SAT or ACT by fall of your Senior year.   We even advice taking the test in spring of your Junior year to give yourself a chance to retake it in summer or fall.  To learn more about both tests, or to register, clink on the links below:

ACT - The ACT is made up of four sections: 1) Reading, 2) English, 3) Math, 4) Science.  There is also an additional Essay option, which some colleges might require.  Each section is given a raw score between 1-36.  Your total composite score is the average of your scores from the four sections. 

SAT - The SAT is now new and revised.  It is made up of three sections: 1) Reading, 2) Writing and Language, 3) Math.  There is also an optional Essay section, which some colleges might require.  Your total score is made up of the three sections and falls somewhere between 400-1600.  The essay score is between 6-24.  

On either test it is important to remember the following:
1)  Answer every question...do not leave anything blank.  You do not lose points for guessing wrong
2)  Keep track of your progress in each section.  Don't spend too much time on one question.
3)  Sign-up early and practice by using one of the free resources below

ACT & SAT Tutoring Prep 

Kahn Academy

Tutor Me: Free Online ACT Prep Course 
This website has 10 hours of ACT prep material which explains what the ACT is, how it is scored, and helps to prepare you for test day.  To access the free content, create an account and use the coupon code "NVHS" to get the discount.  You will 6 months to access the content after you sign-up.