Running Start

Running Start is a statewide program, allowing high school students to take college courses without paying college tuition, receiving both high school and college credit.  High school juniors and seniors at public or private schools or homeschool may attend.  Students may enroll in high school and college courses or solely at the college.  Tuition is covered for college level courses.  Fees and textbooks are the responsibility of the student.  Financial assistance is available through the college.  

Earning college credit:  saving time, money and effort
Free tuition:  saving thousands of dollars
Abundant extracurricular activities:  retaining the option to participate in high school activities
Diverse student population:  a learning environment of multiple perspectives
Variety of course selection:  hundreds of courses to choose from
Campus resources:  tutoring, disability services, counseling     
Less seat time:  flexible scheduling around work or other responsibilities
Full or part-time:  make use of various education opportunity

Faster pace
Increased academic expectations
Increased responsibility and independence
Adult learning environment with mature themes and content
parents do not have access to attendance or grades until the quarter is over.
Grades in courses remain on high school and college transcripts forever
Daily and yearly calendar does not align with high school

WCC Running Start 
BTC Running Start