Nooksack Valley High School
3326 E. Badger Rd.
Everson, WA  98247

Map and Directions

Phone: (360) 988-2641
Fax: (360) 988-7058


To report a student absence:
Call 360-988-2641 or email

Students are considered absent if they are over 10 minutes late to class.

For student records/transcripts/enrollment:

Call 360-988-2641, Ext. 3102 or email

Matt Galley

Matt Galley

Collin Buckley

Collin Buckley



Jeff Demorest

Assistant Principal

Staff Directory

Liza Diaz


Alice Linterman

Registrar, Transcripts

Jaisha Richbaw

Admin Assistant, Attendance Secretary

Tami Stacey

Admin Assistant, ASB Secretary