Graduates of Distinction

The Nooksack Valley School District has established Graduates of Distinction to honor high school graduates of our district for outstanding achievement, and to recognize Nooksack Valley School District’s staff members who were most inspirational in their lives.  Honorees will be mature adults who have distinguished themselves in their communities, professions, or careers.  This may include service to humanity, exceptional career achievement, or accomplishment in many areas.  Past winners have included doctors, administrators, local business leaders, researchers, teachers, volunteers, civic leaders, sports medicine professionals, artists, and more.  Graduates are not eligible for this honor until at least ten years following the date of high school graduation from the Nooksack Valley School District (Class of 2012 and earlier are eligible).  Recipients shall be permanently honored and shall be publicly recognized. 

How to Nominate a Graduate

To nominate a special individual to be a Nooksack Valley School District Graduate of Distinction, please fill out a Nomination Form to the best of your ability and return to the High School by December 11, 2020.  Forms can be mailed to 3326 E Badger Road, Everson, WA 98247, attention:  Principal, Collin Buckley.


Graduates of Distinction



The late Harold LaRue Odegaard, Class of 1950

Ernest Frank Snider, Class of 1954 


Louie Gong, Class of 1992

Julie Westergreen Hays, Class of 1994

Brady Walkinshaw, Class of 1994


Esther Struiksma Neufeld, Class of 1969

Stephen A. Jones, Class of 1970


Dorothea Barbara Robinson Burke, Class of 1947

Robert Tjoelker, Class of 1976


Dave Finet, Class of 1975

Carrie Coppinger-Carter, Class of 1986


Jerry Lee McDowell, Class of 1959

Randy Alan Noteboom, Class of 1975


Dorje Seattle Bellbrook, Class of 1992

Randall Scott Wright, Class of 1964


Barbara Nielsen Myhre, Class of 1969

Lisa Steiner VanHofwegen, Class of 1995


Dr. Alan Fritzberg, Class of 1962

Edwin Radder, Class of 1974

Dr. Jeffrey Todahl, Class of 1981


The late Sidney Lambert, Class of 1913

Sue Ann Potts Heutink, Class of 1972

Cindi Holmstrom Yates, Class of 1982


The late Joe Cipriano, Class of 1949

Jim Sterk, Class of 1974

Mary Compton, Class of 1980


The late John Westergreen, Class of 1943

Pamela Matheson Ensley, Class of 1975

Scott Mitchell, Class of 1975